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No. 1 Tax Preparation and Bookkeeping Service in Dallas Texas    

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A Certified Income Tax Preparation and Bookkeeping Company

Welcome to Tax Access, your trusted tax and bookkeeping service provider based in Dallas Texas. We have over 100 years of collective experience in preparing income taxes to serve individuals, businesses, and corporate taxpayers nationwide. Our team is fast, reliable, and rated #1 in the country for IRS accuracy and efficiency in tax preparation services.

About Tax Access

Tax Access, located within the Dallas/Ft. Worth Area, provides services to businesses and individuals nationwide. We have a passion for people and the success and growth of businesses of all sizes. Tax Access has grown exponentially each year, led by stellar personnel of enrolled agents, CPAs and tax professionals. Our primary services consist of bookkeeping, tax planning, payroll services, and income tax preparation. Additionally, Tax Access offers business training and specialized support for various accounting & tax software.

The president and owner, Marcus Egiebor, is a local resident born and raised in Dallas, TX. He holds Bachelor's Degree in accounting & marketing earned from McNeese State University, and he is also a licensed financial advisor and a licensed insurance broker. His passion for educating others within the realm of financial literacy permeates throughout Tax Access and through to his fellow colleagues within the organization. Our mission is to discover all needs of importance, offer recommendations based on professional education and experience, and then execute solutions. We value our relationships with each client and will continue to extend our services to all.

Why work with us?

-No Out-of-Pocket Costs

-100% Accurate Calculation

-Tax Return Service Available

-Tax Refund Advances Available

-Maximum Tax Refund Guaranteed

-Quick Response Time to Online Inquiries

-Convenient and Easy Filing Options (E-File)

-Access (Card) Tax Refund Loadable Card Available

-Mobile App Available for Convenient Document Uploads (My Tax-Office)

Dedicated to Assisting You With Tax Matters

Tax Access is a need-based business. We are committed to helping people understand the importance of filing taxes properly as a constitutional obligation. Since we established our company in 2019, we have been educating the public about tax preparation.

Personal tax preparation

Personal income tax is a type of income tax applied to an individual's wages, salaries, and other sources of income. Generally, this is imposed by the state where the money is earned.

Business tax preparation 

The term "business taxation" refers to the taxes that firms must pay as a standard component of their operations. Whether you are a sole proprietor, a partner, a member of a limited liability company, or a corporation, your firm is accountable for tax compliance.

Filing an extension 

By requesting an extension, you escape the hectic rush and ensure that your taxes are filed correctly. If you file an extension and later owe taxes, you may be required to pay penalties and interest on the tax due.

Assistance with filing IRS forms

Individuals and corporations use IRS forms to report all financial transactions to the federal government for the purpose of determining their tax liability.


Proper bookkeeping provides businesses with a trustworthy indicator of their performance. Additionally, it gives information for making broad strategic decisions and serves as a benchmark for its revenue and income targets.

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